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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
22499King of Fools 01 attacked playerDizzlJoe4725195011106622stepping stoners33.8
4456Butcher attacked playerwheedle4994735112167498Welcome27.0
15476wh's east. attacked playerwheedle4994735510167498Welcome27.0
277Queen of pain attacked playerDavidMarcusB511503570232213I Kissed a Guy11.4
10842Yanze65's city 3 attacked playerYanze654844935769107185Badb Catha17.5
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9285Aoshki attacked playerwarrior 4525482582815511---30.8
10599Yanze65's city 2 attacked playerYanze654844935888107185Badb Catha17.5
21494brk 8 attacked playerbrkovi4914886697101642Silent Storm15.0
2008pudge attacked playerbarbar135235156889184298I Kissed a Guy27.5
15517pudge meat attacked playerbarbar135205117037184298I Kissed a Guy22.8
6506Phrygian Minor attacked playerHeadCheez519481706632780FearlessVampireStrippers26.9
5143Yanze65's city attacked playerYanze654844937317107185Badb Catha17.5
18078002AA attacked playerBANKMAN501500775359155Red gold1.0
17795pudge meat meat attacked playerbarbar135205117843184298I Kissed a Guy22.8
18892pudge meat meatttt attacked playerbarbar135205117870184298I Kissed a Guy22.8
20319pudge meat meatttt 2 attacked playerbarbar135205117904184298I Kissed a Guy22.8
13203mega kita attacked playerbarbar135265208496184298I Kissed a Guy32.8
20882brk 7 attacked playerbrkovi4914888533101642Silent Storm15.0
4594dangerous kita attacked playerbarbar135205118572184298I Kissed a Guy22.8
16342003AA attacked playerBANKMAN483488858159155Red gold20.8
307One Way attacked playerLorraineus517487861833316Dark Sails XIII21.4
14721xxxx attacked playerbarbar135265208637184298I Kissed a Guy32.8
17017nuclear kita attacked playerbarbar135265208640184298I Kissed a Guy32.8
9566wh's earth attacked playerwheedle4994738788167498Welcome27.0
11590axe vanguard attacked playerbarbar135235159000184298I Kissed a Guy27.5
9859walk attacked playerbarbar135115179550184298I Kissed a Guy20.2
959axe shield attacked playerbarbar135175179695184298I Kissed a Guy24.0
957axe attacked playerbarbar135175179790184298I Kissed a Guy24.0
5864005AA attacked playerBANKMAN5015001005859155Red gold1.0
4158Ghanima2 attacked playerstavrosmagnus4885231018636174The empire of goob25.9
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742what now attacked playerbarbar1352051410233184298I Kissed a Guy24.4
898Baardie's city 001 attacked playerBaardie52051410505125773I Kissed a Guy24.4
10553munkeris's city 3 attacked playermunkeris5184711105260070Danish Group34.1
12215napoli78's city 7 attacked playernapoli785074771107068867Badb Catha24.0
7781wh's east attacked playerwheedle49947311216167498Welcome27.0
106202. Zabrzeg attacked playerZooza47847311302171288RED WAVES34.8
1300Baardie's city 005 attacked playerBaardie52350911318125773I Kissed a Guy24.7
131655.4.The Defiler attacked playerbarbar1352350911365184298I Kissed a Guy24.7
763Town attacked playerbarbar1351251311454184298I Kissed a Guy17.7
2036Brewer attacked playerbarbar1352451211498184298I Kissed a Guy26.8
2009Baardie's city 004 attacked playerBaardie52351511608125773I Kissed a Guy27.5
46122 44 - Persia attacked playerROMANS148448111617158965---24.8
410skylar 1 attacked playerfrisky3065234831163393341Dark Sails XIII28.6
16645brk 5 attacked playerbrkovi49148811667101642Silent Storm15.0
12443Baardie's city 008 attacked playerBaardie52451211766125773I Kissed a Guy26.8
7456munkeris's city attacked playermunkeris5184711180160070Danish Group34.1
16679brk 6 attacked playerbrkovi49148811828101642Silent Storm15.0
16532brk 4 attacked playerbrkovi49148812093101642Silent Storm15.0
8027brk attacked playerbrkovi49148812380101642Silent Storm15.0
3379brk 2 attacked playerbrkovi49148812502101642Silent Storm15.0
8327brk 3 attacked playerbrkovi49148813551101642Silent Storm15.0
8671munkeris's city 2 attacked playermunkeris5184711363760070Danish Group34.1
848245.bromm 1 attacked playerbromm4965011731050096Red gold4.1

Players list: DizzlJoe; wheedle; DavidMarcusB; Yanze65; warrior 4; brkovi; barbar13; HeadCheez; BANKMAN; Lorraineus; stavrosmagnus; Baardie; munkeris; napoli78; Zooza; ROMANS1; frisky306; bromm
[town]22499[/town] 5011pts [player]DizzlJoe[/player] 472/519 33.8
[town]4456[/town] 5112pts [player]wheedle[/player] 499/473 27.0
[town]15476[/town] 5510pts [player]wheedle[/player] 499/473 27.0
[town]277[/town] 5702pts [player]DavidMarcusB[/player] 511/503 11.4
[town]10842[/town] 5769pts [player]Yanze65[/player] 484/493 17.5
[town]9285[/town] 5828pts [player]warrior 4[/player] 525/482 30.8
[town]10599[/town] 5888pts [player]Yanze65[/player] 484/493 17.5
[town]21494[/town] 6697pts [player]brkovi[/player] 491/488 15.0
[town]2008[/town] 6889pts [player]barbar13[/player] 523/515 27.5
[town]15517[/town] 7037pts [player]barbar13[/player] 520/511 22.8
[town]6506[/town] 7066pts [player]HeadCheez[/player] 519/481 26.9
[town]5143[/town] 7317pts [player]Yanze65[/player] 484/493 17.5
[town]18078[/town] 7753pts [player]BANKMAN[/player] 501/500 1.0
[town]17795[/town] 7843pts [player]barbar13[/player] 520/511 22.8
[town]18892[/town] 7870pts [player]barbar13[/player] 520/511 22.8
[town]20319[/town] 7904pts [player]barbar13[/player] 520/511 22.8
[town]13203[/town] 8496pts [player]barbar13[/player] 526/520 32.8
[town]20882[/town] 8533pts [player]brkovi[/player] 491/488 15.0
[town]4594[/town] 8572pts [player]barbar13[/player] 520/511 22.8
[town]16342[/town] 8581pts [player]BANKMAN[/player] 483/488 20.8
[town]307[/town] 8618pts [player]Lorraineus[/player] 517/487 21.4
[town]14721[/town] 8637pts [player]barbar13[/player] 526/520 32.8
[town]17017[/town] 8640pts [player]barbar13[/player] 526/520 32.8
[town]9566[/town] 8788pts [player]wheedle[/player] 499/473 27.0
[town]11590[/town] 9000pts [player]barbar13[/player] 523/515 27.5
[town]9859[/town] 9550pts [player]barbar13[/player] 511/517 20.2
[town]959[/town] 9695pts [player]barbar13[/player] 517/517 24.0
[town]957[/town] 9790pts [player]barbar13[/player] 517/517 24.0
[town]5864[/town] 10058pts [player]BANKMAN[/player] 501/500 1.0
[town]4158[/town] 10186pts [player]stavrosmagnus[/player] 488/523 25.9
[town]742[/town] 10233pts [player]barbar13[/player] 520/514 24.4
[town]898[/town] 10505pts [player]Baardie[/player] 520/514 24.4
[town]10553[/town] 11052pts [player]munkeris[/player] 518/471 34.1
[town]12215[/town] 11070pts [player]napoli78[/player] 507/477 24.0
[town]7781[/town] 11216pts [player]wheedle[/player] 499/473 27.0
[town]1062[/town] 11302pts [player]Zooza[/player] 478/473 34.8
[town]1300[/town] 11318pts [player]Baardie[/player] 523/509 24.7
[town]1316[/town] 11365pts [player]barbar13[/player] 523/509 24.7
[town]763[/town] 11454pts [player]barbar13[/player] 512/513 17.7
[town]2036[/town] 11498pts [player]barbar13[/player] 524/512 26.8
[town]2009[/town] 11608pts [player]Baardie[/player] 523/515 27.5
[town]461[/town] 11617pts [player]ROMANS1[/player] 484/481 24.8
[town]410[/town] 11633pts [player]frisky306[/player] 523/483 28.6
[town]16645[/town] 11667pts [player]brkovi[/player] 491/488 15.0
[town]12443[/town] 11766pts [player]Baardie[/player] 524/512 26.8
[town]7456[/town] 11801pts [player]munkeris[/player] 518/471 34.1
[town]16679[/town] 11828pts [player]brkovi[/player] 491/488 15.0
[town]16532[/town] 12093pts [player]brkovi[/player] 491/488 15.0
[town]8027[/town] 12380pts [player]brkovi[/player] 491/488 15.0
[town]3379[/town] 12502pts [player]brkovi[/player] 491/488 15.0
[town]8327[/town] 13551pts [player]brkovi[/player] 491/488 15.0
[town]8671[/town] 13637pts [player]munkeris[/player] 518/471 34.1
[town]8482[/town] 17310pts [player]bromm[/player] 496/501 4.1

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.