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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
645Chirurgia Nucleare attacked playerNeuritico5045205792126140AMICI DEL BUS20.4
92402.BaBiLoNiA attacked playerteschioalato485529684250671AMICI DEL BUS32.6
10850Cidade 06 attacked playerJanvier4835237120164724AMICI DEL BUS28.6
11214Cidade 09 attacked playerJanvier4935277497164724AMICI DEL BUS27.9
4510Cidade 16 attacked playerJanvier4935278127164724AMICI DEL BUS27.9
117403.selly attacked playerteschioalato485529841650671AMICI DEL BUS32.6
1695Il Castello- attacked playerRegina Vega5065298877150414AMICI DEL BUS29.6
4455Cidade 15 attacked playerJanvier4935278919164724AMICI DEL BUS27.9
31501.start attacked playerteschioalato487521926150671AMICI DEL BUS24.7
1005Il Ponte- attacked playerRegina Vega4855299596150414AMICI DEL BUS32.6
708Sparta 09 attacked playermaster15480521964446870AMICI DEL BUS29.0
393La Fortezza attacked playerRegina Vega5075039880150414AMICI DEL BUS7.6
1747Ginecologia attacked playerNeuritico4985269925126140AMICI DEL BUS26.1
1463Mercedes.55 attacked playerfanta7752150310579123291V Imperio21.2
4803015 attacked playerPandurixPT52450710592135491V Imperio25.0
881Chirurgia attacked playerNeuritico49852610631126140AMICI DEL BUS26.1
343Prontosoccorso attacked playerNeuritico48752111132126140AMICI DEL BUS24.7
10013 Socrate- attacked playerRegina Vega50652911315150414AMICI DEL BUS29.6
1476Obitorio attacked playerNeuritico52150311842126140AMICI DEL BUS21.2
1182Cidade 02 attacked playerJanvier48552914159164724AMICI DEL BUS32.6
872017 Bullet attacked playerVTX LX4824851490732020---23.4
585Cidade 01 attacked playerJanvier48052114933164724AMICI DEL BUS29.0
3714009 attacked playerPandurixPT52450717786135491V Imperio25.0

Players list: Neuritico; teschioalato; Janvier; Regina Vega; master15; fanta77; PandurixPT; VTX LX
[town]645[/town] 5792pts [player]Neuritico[/player] 504/520 20.4
[town]924[/town] 6842pts [player]teschioalato[/player] 485/529 32.6
[town]10850[/town] 7120pts [player]Janvier[/player] 483/523 28.6
[town]11214[/town] 7497pts [player]Janvier[/player] 493/527 27.9
[town]4510[/town] 8127pts [player]Janvier[/player] 493/527 27.9
[town]1174[/town] 8416pts [player]teschioalato[/player] 485/529 32.6
[town]1695[/town] 8877pts [player]Regina Vega[/player] 506/529 29.6
[town]4455[/town] 8919pts [player]Janvier[/player] 493/527 27.9
[town]315[/town] 9261pts [player]teschioalato[/player] 487/521 24.7
[town]1005[/town] 9596pts [player]Regina Vega[/player] 485/529 32.6
[town]708[/town] 9644pts [player]master15[/player] 480/521 29.0
[town]393[/town] 9880pts [player]Regina Vega[/player] 507/503 7.6
[town]1747[/town] 9925pts [player]Neuritico[/player] 498/526 26.1
[town]1463[/town] 10579pts [player]fanta77[/player] 521/503 21.2
[town]4803[/town] 10592pts [player]PandurixPT[/player] 524/507 25.0
[town]881[/town] 10631pts [player]Neuritico[/player] 498/526 26.1
[town]343[/town] 11132pts [player]Neuritico[/player] 487/521 24.7
[town]1001[/town] 11315pts [player]Regina Vega[/player] 506/529 29.6
[town]1476[/town] 11842pts [player]Neuritico[/player] 521/503 21.2
[town]1182[/town] 14159pts [player]Janvier[/player] 485/529 32.6
[town]872[/town] 14907pts [player]VTX LX[/player] 482/485 23.4
[town]585[/town] 14933pts [player]Janvier[/player] 480/521 29.0
[town]3714[/town] 17786pts [player]PandurixPT[/player] 524/507 25.0

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.